How Our Food Buying Membership Works

Who can join: Anyone who wants high quality food not offered anywhere else in this area

What are the membership costs: $1 per year, due at the first order pick up

Ways to buy: email your order to or call/text your order to- 276-477-4259

When orders get processed: All orders are dropped off at 10am Thursday mornings at Wolfs. The cut off to place an order for the Thursday drop off is the Wednesday before at 6pm.

What’s available for pick up at Wolfs Farm: Click here for our product list

How do I sign up? Email your full name and phone number to Then place your order.


Is this a herdshare? No, our membership is not a herdshare. In a herdshare, you are in a contract to get a portion of what an animal produces.

Why do I have to sign up for a membership? We sell raw dairy products and pastured meat that has been professionally butchered, but not USDA inspected. Both of which current laws prohibit or hinder access to the general public, but are legal under a food buying club.

Is your food safe to eat? Our food is raised in a much cleaner environment than commercial grocery store food and is processed in a low stress atmosphere along with healthier and ethical processing techniques.

What do you feed your animals? All ashwood Acres animals are fed a non-gmo diet that has been tested for synthetic chemicals.

Is your farm organic? We do not carry the USDA organic label due to the cost associated with it, but our practices meet or exceed that of which the USDA organic label requires.

Am I guaranteed to get products when I want? Yes, as long as we have the item in stock. We have limited amounts of raw milk each week and we sell as a first-come/first-serve basis. We have a waiting list when products are limited.

Can I sign up whenever I want? Yes, there is no enrollment period, but we do have limited resources and at some point we will have to close membership enrollments until current members leave or they do not renew their membership.

Is the membership fee refundable? We will refund a membership fee as long as no orders have been placed, but you will not be able to purchase items marked “membership required” once refunded. Once an order is placed, the membership fee is non-refundable.