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Joel Salatin
Joel Salatin and me!

A few years back my wife was getting sick from everything she ate. We switched to all organic and found out it didn’t help much at all. We took drastic measures just so she could get out of bed, so we started researching what caused her issues. Ultimately, we were determined to try to find the problem.

Finding The Problem

After doctor visits and countless hours on different diets, we finally found some light at the end of the tunnel! We eliminated most food from her diet — and I mean everything but rice. Then, we slowly introduced different foods back in our normal routine using the GAPS diet method. Dairy turned out to be her biggest problem. We talked with a few people and they recommend we try farm fresh raw goat or cow milk. We were skeptical and a bit scared to drink milk again once we figured out the issue.

Loving milk as much as we do, we tried a small amount of raw goat milk since it digests easily. To our amazement, she didn’t have a reaction. After a few weeks of drinking raw goat milk, we felt safe she could consume dairy once again!

Passing The Test

On a follow up doctor visit, from being depleted in vitamins and minerals, the nurse asked if we took the supplements they recommended. We decided not to take them because we wanted to see if the raw milk in our diet helped at all. She said that my wife’s test results won’t be any different than last visit without the supplement. She ran some tests, and my wife’s vitamin and mineral numbers were the best they have been in many years.

The nurse said what did you do different? My wife replied with nothing but drinking raw goat’s milk. The nurse said, “Seriously, that’s all you did?” with a “I don’t believe it” look on her face. The raw goat milk has helped our family enjoy dairy once again! We even found more health benefits from it. Our kids stopped having nightmares, ear wax build up, stuffy/snotty noses, and sore necks. Some of our friends said their kids stopped bed wetting once they stopped giving commercial dairy to their kids. And yes, this even means ice-cream. I know, so sad!

You can read more about why Not All Dairy Is The Same!

Great Quality Food

Since we thought dairy was the issue, we resumed life as normal until we had some grocery store organic chicken — learn why Not All Chicken Is Created Equal. The pain my wife once had, came back after one meal and put her back in bed with a severe stomachache. By God’s grace, we came across a Virginia farmer named Joel Salatin, from PolyFace Farm, who has written books, given many speeches, and starred in food documentaries on today’s food quality. Through his books, we learned that it’s not the food that the animal eats that is the biggest culprit but how the animals are raised, handled, and even butchered. We just had to visit his farm and try his products. Once we did, we found them to be the most delicious chicken and beef we had ever had! Even better, we had zero reactions to any of it!!

After what we have witnessed firsthand, we want to provide you with the highest quality food that our family enjoys because we are passionate about healing people through great quality food.

Off Grid Farm

We purchased about 20 acres of raw land near my families’ stomping ground to start our off grid farm. We have solar power for electric, rainwater catchment for water, composting toilets for sewer, with gray water watering the trees.

As much of our food we can grow comes from our garden. Our animals produce all our own milk, meat, and eggs. Our livestock consist of cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, livestock guardian dogs, and a barn cat.

Holistic Management

By keeping the animals as healthy as possible, they produce the highest quality of food for us. It is in our best interest to put their best interest first. We rotationally graze to improve soil biology by increasing organic matter and naturally delivering manure. We move them daily to give the pasture adequate rest and recovery which also decreases the parasite load. And, we never use vaccinations, antibiotics, dewormers, synthetic fertilizers (superphosphates), or genetically modified feeds. You can read more about what we mean by Holistic Farming.

Our Mission

With this blog we want to encourage and educate you with what we’ve learned.  Joel Salatin has shared a wealth of knowledge that has given my wife her quality of life back. We want to do the same and continue to share farming knowledge on soil health, growing plants, and raising animals; healthy food recipes, including food preserving and lifestyle; homestead skills such soap making; and share about books and people influential to the holistic farming movement.

It is our constitutional right to be able to grow our own healthy food.

We are living proof that this food is the best for you!

Here’s to your health!