Not All Dairy Is The Same!

When I was a kid, we all suffered from constant reoccurring ear infections and stuffy/snotty/runny noses. Three out of four of us had the surgery to put tubes in our ears. The one who didn’t need the tubes happened to not like milk (and, of course, has the best hearing).

One of my siblings wet the bed until they were 12 years old. My grandma even recommended boiled milk before bed, but as you can imagine, that did not help in the slightest.

Deteriorating Health

When I was older, I had a doctor’s appointment where they drew blood and looked at all my vitamins and minerals — everything was depleted. How could I be so depleted in vitamin D and calcium when I drank milk growing up? It explained why I was starting to break bones regularly in college.

The doctor wanted to give me a supplement that was $400 for a 1 month supply for 1 person. If I need these vitamins, then don’t our children as well? I didn’t want to be dependent on pills for the rest of my life.

Introduction To Raw Milk

That very next day after the doctor’s appointment, I went to a raw milk presentation where the farmer gave us milk to go home with. I drank that for the next 8 weeks. I didn’t take the supplements that my doctor prescribed and retuned the unopened package because I wanted to be able to change my diet to get healthier.

On test day 8 weeks later, the nurse was in disbelief that raw milk could have any effect on my health. All of my vitamins and minerals were in the normal range. I was thrilled. I haven’t broken a bone since and my hair and nails are visibly stronger.

We continued with drinking raw milk but also eating conventional/store-bought sour cream and ice cream. I thought that the nutrition from the raw milk was good enough to balance the lack of probiotics in the commercial milk and I could go on my merry way.

Not so…

I began having migraine headaches and joint pain. At 24 years old, I felt like an old woman!

As a side note, one of our children suffered from ear wax impaction. Every month, I would have to clean out an impacted ball of ear wax so he could hear again. We got very good at sign language. Both our children would be stuffy with snotty noses.

I went to see a chiropractor for the joint pain. He said to eliminate all dairy for 30 days. He adjusted my neck and joints. After 30 days, we resumed drinking only raw milk and no more commercial milk. The pain did not return.

Problems Of Commercial Milk

The commercial milk was causing a myriad of my problems resulting from inflammation. That milk has come from concentrated animal feed operations (CAFOs), where they routinely use antibiotics, dewormers, vaccines, and growth hormones. The pasteurizing plant mixes the milk with thousands of other dairies milk, with who know what kind of contamination that has happened at any of the farms.

Because the liability is on the pasteurizing plant, not the farmer, the farmers have no incentive to keep their cows healthy with the belief that pasteurizing will kill off any contamination. Therefore, they pasteurize the milk at ridiculously high levels breaking down the proteins making this milk indigestible and unsuitable even for cheesemaking. They strip the fat from the milk making skim milk, then add it back in in differing amounts to produce a consistent 1%, 2%, or “whole” milk. Then the nutritionless milk is fortified with synthetic forms of vitamin D and vitamin A palmitate. Synthetic vitamin A prevents the body from utilizing real vitamin A found in foods, thus causing birth deformities such as cleft lip and palate. (Source)

Health Restored

Glass and bottles of fresh milk on table outdoors

When I quit the commercial milk – i.e. pasteurized, homogenized, fortified milk from CAFOs at the grocery store – I didn’t have a single migraine headache again. My joint pain cleared up; I could turn my head again. This is when we got goats so we could consume our own raw milk for our health.

After a couple months, I realized that our son could still hear me. I checked his ears and they were still perfectly clear. I didn’t make the connection about the earwax until later.

The earwax compaction was harder to make the connection. The lack of earwax build up was a mystery for a while. Then our neighbor asked if I could clean out his ears (because I’m a nurse). I unclogged his ears and he began working around the farm and drinking our goats’ milk. He didn’t have a problem for months until one day he decided to go out and get a milkshake from a fast-food establishment. Three days later, his ears were compacted with wax, and his neck was sore (joint pain). That’s when I made the connection.

Some friends struggled with bedwetting in their young children. They began avoiding milk with their children and the bedwetting ceased. One child consumed dairy at a grandparent’s house and wet the bed that night. This immediate response allowed me to see the connection between commercial dairy and the bedwetting. On days that he had dairy, he would wet the bed. I always advise cutting out dairy to other friends who are struggling to potty train their kids. They have agreed with the phenomenon.

In Conclusion

Sometimes our children leave our guidance and supervision. Kids go to school, day care, visit with grandma, stay with a babysitter, or visit the other parent in cases of divorce. Our situation was similar where we didn’t always have control over what the kids ate when they were in other people’s care. Whenever they got back, they were stuffy and snotty. If we didn’t take proactive measures, then they get worse the next time they attend and their health deteriorates to ear infections and pneumonia.

Because they routinely return sick, we have had good practice to hone our detox regime. Usually by a day or so, they are better since our diet is also stripped of those antagonists. You can read more about How To Detox Inflammation From Food.

There’s a difference between the pasteurized, homogenized, fortified dairy you buy at the store and the raw wholesome dairy you get from a local farm. If you don’t have an animal to produce wholesome raw milk, the website will help you find real raw milk in your area so that you and your family can still have that life-giving sustenance!

If you made it this far, then keep going on your health quest and read about our battle with store bought chicken here.

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